Alliance Française Vancouver

French-language education programs for all

Alliance Française Vancouver is a not-for-profit organization that serves a triple mandate in education, arts & culture, and community outreach. AFV is recognized for its commitment to quality education and diverse cultural programming.

We serve the community by providing French-language education programs to all, and by promoting local and international francophone cultures through the events we organise. We value enriching the human experience and understanding through diversity and we offer welcoming spaces for all communities to gather, exchange and share. Access to our largest French-language media library in B.C. and consultation of items are free.

+1 (604) 327- 0201

Founded in 1904, AFV is one of the oldest associations in Vancouver. We are currently rebuilding our historic home at 6161 Cambie Street. This new building, three times larger than the previous one, will open its doors in the summer of 2023. It will house 14 classrooms, a 165 seat professional theater, an art gallery, a restaurant and artist studios among others.

AFV team

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Meet us at Booth 1-04