Circular Economy: Be part of a desirable future

Why and how to disrupt our take-make-waste system?

November 9
7:00 PM

Colienne Regout
Circular Economy and Sustainable Strategies Consultant
CEO and founder of Look4Loops 

Have you already felt a love-hate relationship with how we consume? Would you like to be empowered to make some significant positive impacts? Are you curious to learn how each of us can move the gears of our sick take-make-waste system?

Colienne Regout will involve you in her interactive conference to discover the wider picture and what you have in your hands to be part of the solution.

By the way, even if you are already familiar with the Circular Economy, be prepared to learn some extra disruptive ideas or facts!

About Colienne Regout

Colienne blends her research, operations and user experience expertise at Look4Loops to regenerate business models for profit, people and planet. Her unique perspective on the circular economy is grounded in both her European and Canadian experience.

As the 2022 Business of the Year, besides analyzing through audits and operating «redesign, reuse, and regenerate» opportunities in the field, Colienne teaches at universities and facilitates interactive workshops. And when it comes to rethinking packaging, she has the ‘Develop Circular Packaging Solutions’ online training and she hosts the ‘Unboxing Your Packaging’ podcast.